Masterclass: Honey Lead Magnets

Attract sweet and sticky leads with a honey lead magnet.

Language: English

Instructors: Emily McGuire


Why this course?


Attract sweet and sticky leads with a honey lead magnet.

This step-by-step guide will help you create your own honey lead magnet. It will provide you with the guidance and templates that you need to make it a success. You’ll learn all about how to build an email list and what type of content to offer in your lead magnets.

You want to grow your email list by offering a freebie but:

  • What do you even PUT in a lead magnet?
  • How do you make sure it will turn subscribers into customers?

Lead magnets are a bit mysterious (like what is in the back of my pantry), which is why I put together this Masterclass to walk you through how to attract your ideal customers.

(Also, if you can think of a use for a can of great white northern beans that isn’t chili, PLEASE let me know).

In this course you’ll get:

  • Step-by-step help on how to develop a SWEET lead magnet offer.
  • Format and content guidance to target your ideal customers.
  • The best tools for designing and publishing your lead magnet.
  • A blueprint for getting your lead magnet out into the world.
  • Templates and worksheets to fast track growing your list.

BONUS: Honey Lead Magnets Workbook (Value: $17)

For a fraction of the price, you get the same strategy and tactics that I charge clients $297/session.

Course Curriculum

Honey Lead Magnets Welcome
How To Find Everything In This Course
Introduction to Lead Magnets
HLM 1.1 - About (2:00)
HLM 1.2 - Why email (2:00)
HLM 1.3 - Why lead magnets (2:00)
Sweet & Sticky Lead Magnet Content
Workbook: Honey Lead Magnets (10 pages)
HLM 2.1 - Elements of a Sweet and Sticky Lead Magnet (5:00)
HLM 2.2 – Sticky Lead Magnet Format (6:00)
HLM 2.3 - Sweet Offers
HLM 2.4 - Pain Points
HLM 2.5 - Quick Win
HLM 2.6 - Focus
Build Your Lead Magnet
HLM 3.0 - Intro
HLM 3.1 - Title (3:00)
Assignment 3.1 – Brainstorm Titles
HLM 3.2 - Lead Magnet Introduction
Assignment 3.2 – Draft Section 1
HLM 3.3 - Main Points
Assignment 3.3 – Main Points
HLM 3.4 - Conclusion
Assignment 3.4 – Conclusion
HLM 3.5 - Call-to-action
HLM 3.6: Make Your Lead Magnet Pretty
Sticky Lead Magnet: Start Catching More Leads
HLM 4.0 - Intro
HLM 4.1 - Challenges
HLM 4.2 - The Blueprint (2:00)
HLM 4.3 - Collect Your Assets (4:00)
HLM 4.4 - Landing Pages (6:00)
HLM 4.5 - The Next Level (5:00)
Deliver Your Lead Magnet
HLM 5.1 - Deliver Your Delivery (3:00)
HLM 5.2 - Build An Automation Walkthrough (6:00)
Promote Your Lead Magnet
HLM 6.1 - Start Attracting Leads (8:00)
Assignment 6.2 – Lead Magnet Promotion Checklist
HLM 7.0 - Review (3:00)
Honey Lead Magnets Recommended Resources
Uplevel Your Email Game

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